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About Shepherd of the Hills Preschool 

In an encouraging, caring, and safe environment we help our preschoolers build a strong foundation for their academic future.  Through planned learning activities, fieldtrips, family events, and play we make learning fun while preparing them for Kindergarten. 

Our state of the art security system and fenced in playground ensures the safety of our students while they learn and play!

Each day, we divide our time between play time and work time. We feel that it is just as important to have time to learn through play as well as comprehension through written and/or oral concepts.

Each week through activities we incorporate the following:

· A Featured letter of the week

- How the letter is shaped (what it looks like)

- The proper way to make/write the letter

- Listen to hear how the letter sounds

- Identify words that have that sound

- Fun activities to remember the letter like reading books, making a craft, conducting a science experiment or another fun and creative activity.

· Cutting with scissors

· Learn what letters are in their name and how to write it

· Story comprehension

· Following oral directions

· Learning sight words (in the 4 and 5 year old Program)

· Developing proper social skills

· Working on developing and strengthening small and large motor skills

· Fostering the ability to follow structure and routine

· Learn “Big Ideas” from our math program which is based on the Early Math Collaborative curriculum through the Erikson Institute


Other important skills we work on to get your preschooler ready for Kindergarten:

· Kindness and empathy

· Getting along with others

· Taking turns

· Being a good listener

· Being helpful

· Being a good friend

· Having patience

· Asking for help

· Using good manners

· Respecting others

· Learning to share

· How to stand in a line

· Walking in the hall quietly


Building your child’s Academic Foundation


Together as a team we help your child build their academic foundation that they will use when they get to elementary school.  We do this with:  activities that are sent home for you to do with your preschooler, articles of interest that are sent home and other avenues. 


We also prepare your child for Kindergarten by teaching them the proper way to hold  scissors, how to cut, how to hold a writing utensil, and how to write their name. We want to expose your child to the routine and things that they will experience in Kindergarten so when they get there they will have the confidence to learn and try their best!


We are constantly evaluating the children’s skills in order adjust our curriculum as needed.  Progress reports are sent home twice during the school year along with holding conferences to discuss what your child has accomplished up to that point and if any needs or concerns should be addressed.


We hope you will come play, learn, and grow with us!

For any questions or inquiries, please contact Jennifer Walker at or call our church office at (815) 385-4030, ext. #109







Saturdays - 4:30 PM (Traditional)

Sundays - 8 AM | 9:15 AM (Traditional)

Sundays - 10:45 AM (Contemporary)



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"The Story" Bible Study - Wednesday, January 22nd, 7PM

High School 2020 Kickoff LOCK-IN - Friday, January 24th, 7PM

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