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Our Youth Group Ministries focuses on the following principles:  

  1. Spiritual – We foster spiritual growth through the teachings of Jesus Christ as interpreted by the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America (ELCA). 
  2. Scholastic – We study the Bible and seek to apply spiritual truths to everyday living in a manner and at a level appropriate to the age and maturity level of participants.
  3. Service – We work on projects that provide service to church, family and community to emphasize the Christian principle of living the faith by serving others.
  4. Social – We organize age appropriate social opportunities throughout the year at the church and elsewhere to foster friendship, fellowship and outreach.

The goal of our youth group is to teach, support and mentor participants as they begin their faith journey, seek to apply spiritual truths to everyday living, to form lifelong Christian habits and to build Christian character.  We accomplish these goals by presenting Biblical lessons, discussing spiritual issues in the context of the society in which we live, and engaging in team-building exercises, social activities and service projects at a level appropriate to the age and maturity level of each youth group.  The leaders strive to create a positive spiritual and social environment at the church and within the youth group between and among the participants, leaders and community.  Finally, the leaders approach their responsibility of humbly, cheerfully, and with a spirit that is thankful for the opportunity to assist in the spiritual growth of the next generation of Christians.

Youth Group is a fun time where children learn and apply Christian values in a variety of activities on Monday nights and during service and social projects throughout the year.

We welcome everyone who is interested in participating, regardless of whether they or their families are members of Shepherd of the Hills.


Youth & Young Adults Ministries

Nick Nalley:


           New series, “For the Love of the Game” – February thru March(6-7:30pm, Youth Center)

-        Rack up pointsplace of your choice! to the $15 gift card each week by attending & participating, in order to win a 

-        (ONE winner will be selected on the last day of the series.)

-        Activities such as Dodgeball, Scatterball, “Jedi vs. Sith,” relay races, & more!

-        running our race. & athleteDigging into what Scripture says, about being an

-        goal.”  February: the new Youth Ministries DNAJanuary = the new Youth Ministries “

-        More points awarded favorite sports attire! in their geared up, & who come bring a friendfor those who


1.     February 11th – Intro. to the FTLOTG theme/series, & our overarching Youth Ministries goal (Hebrews 12:1-2)

2.     February 18th – A “cloud of witnesses” (FTLOTG, part 2)

o   Challenge: Wear face paint + bring a friend(s), for more points!!

o   Games: Standard Dodgeball + live “Hungry, Hungry Hippos!”

3.     February 25th – “Shake it off” (FTLOTG, part 3)

4.     March 4th – “Fix my eyes / Run your race” (FTLOTG, part 4)

5.     March 11th – “For the joy / Seize the day” (FTLOTG, part 5) – Gift card winner announced!


Serving Opportunity + Social Event (March 2018)          

o   An “all-day” trip to Chicago!!  Giving goods to the homeless + enjoying sights of the city. 

o   you’re free in March, so we can pinpoint a date for this trip!Saturdays and/or SundaysText Nick which


Youth Worship Service (April 2018)          

o   Theme, date & details TBA – start thinking of roles you’d like to serve in, for the services!


           ELCA Youth Gathering Team Meetings(One Thursday evening per month)

o   One in March / April / May – stay tuned for details!


Social Media:



for regular text updates!81010 to the number youthsothText @



Young Adult Ministries (Ages 18-30):


“Unleashed” Launch Night (Tuesday, Feb. 27th, 2018 – 6:30-8pm, Youth Center)

-        The kickoff night for our new Young Adults Ministries!

-        Free pizza + drinks will be provided – bring a friend to join us!

-        Casting the vision for our community, as we look at what Scripture tells us about being “unleashed” – as a young adult – into the world around us.


Unleashed(Tuesdays, 6:30-8pm, Youth Center)

-        Weekly discussion nights focused on hot-button topics (i.e. faith, work, dating, purpose, & more)

-        Social engagement opportunities (such as bowling nights, meal outings, & more) to create authentic connections & a sense of belonging.

-        March series: “Adulting” (how to approach & embrace this season of life).







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