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SHEPHERD OF THE HILLS LUTHERAN CHURCH is a member of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA). Our focus is on worship, music and Christian education, thereby encouraging members to apply Biblical truths to daily living; creating a faith active in our lives. 

Our VISION is to grow disciples of Jesus who will change the world helps us to continue a strong ministry of reaching out to the community while keeping an open and friendly acceptance of all people everywhere.



Our MISSION is to:

LOVE people wherever they are

LIVE the Grace of God in Jesus Christ

GROW in faith and service.

Mission Vision Values
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 Pastor Rob

Pastor Rob
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Our Team

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Heather Castaing

Youth & Family Director


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Finance Director

Cristy Karaba

Parish Coordinator

Jenelle Buchert


Director of Children

& Family Ministries


Heather Castaing


Preschool Director

Jennifer Walker

Before & After School Director

Ashley Metcalf

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