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You are gifted in more ways than you can imagine

At Shepherd of the Hills, we are all gifted in many ways.  We like to say giving is "Time, Talent and Treasures". There are so many ways to help the church and community and we encourage you to join us and share your gifts.  We need singers, ushers, liturgists, planners, doers, musicians, business specialists and so many more talents to help our community grow.  If you have a talent for talk or just love to cook, we would love to have you join us with one of our many activities.  We cherish your giving of your time and talents.

If you would like to find ways you could serve please contact us using the form below or call the church office at 815-385-4030 and let us know your talent or a time you can spend working for the glory of God.

As with all ministries we also need your financial support.  We have tried hard to make giving as easy as possible through the use of our GIVE+ application.  You can down load it to your mobile phone or just click the button at the top of the page labeled "Quick Gift".  You will be redirected to our GIVE+ page where you can make a donation to our general ministry or direct your gift to a specific ministry.  We are always grateful for any gift of your Time, Talents or Treasures and thank you for all of the Gifts you give to support ours and others ministries.

God Bless

Do you have Time or Talent?

Let’s Work Together

Please fill in the form below and let us know how we can work together

Thanks for submitting!

Time & Talent
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To give using the GIVE+ website please click the GIVE+ button below

or the Quick Gift button at the bottom of the page.





Donations are also accepted at the Church.

Online Giving
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New Mobile Giving App

We are pleased to introduce Vanco, a new mobile giving app! 

This new mobile app has replaced the Give+ Mobile. 


If you are already using Give+ Mobile, your current log in information will remain the same. 

Any scheduled, recurring donations will also remain intact and will automatically transfer to the new Vanco Mobile. 

However, you must download the new Vanco Mobile app!

How do you download the app?  It's easy! 

  • Head over to App Store or Google Play

  • Download Vanco Mobile app

To give using Vanco Mobile app, follow these five easy steps:

1) Open app and search for Shepherd of the Hills at 404 N. Green Street, McHenry, IL

2) Select your gift amount, fund and frequency

3) Enter your payment method.  (You can save this information for future use)

4) Choose whether you want to cover processing fees

5) Click "Submit" to complete your donation

If you have questions, please call (815-385-4030) or stop by the church office

Mobile Givig
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2023 Flower & Social Hour Sponsorship
Sign Up

Are you looking for a unique way to celebrate a special occasion
or honor the memory of a loved one?
Consider sponsoring Altar Flowers or Social Hour for a Sunday!
Sponsorship cost is $30 per week for either Flowers or Social Hour (Donuts & Coffee). 

Click here to sign up!
Or call the church office (815-385-4030). 
Sign up sheet is also available on bulletin board next to the church office

Flower & Social Hour Sponsorships
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